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How to Build a Small Backyard Tennis Court to Enjoy With Your Family Recreation Magazine

Not only is it cheaper to hire professionals than do the task yourself, but they will make sure that the work is finished on time and properly.

Locating a person with experience in the construction of courts is the very first step in hiring a specialist. Look for businesses who have provided this service for many years thus their name will be evident when hiring them.

Before you start any work make sure you know how much you will need to spend on this particular project. This allows you to choose the right contractor suited for your needs. Quality over quantity here! Always be mindful of safety in choosing your contractors. Be sure that they carry the insurance to cover liability before signing any agreements or contracts.

Color and Stencil Lines onto the Surface

You will need to learn how to spray the lines. A sprayer can be purchased in any hardware store, or you can get a friend with one to help.

If you prefer to stencil the lines, make use of masking tape and the marker pen (or pencil) to trace them in the direction you want them to appear on your work surface prior to spraying using acrylic paint. This will ensure that the paint is precisely directed to the exact spot it should be.

Once that process is completed and you are done, just apply an additional coat of acrylic paint over the one you previously sprayed to ensure everything gets evenly coated, providing protection against rain damage or different elements outside of our backyard playing area. This layering can be done by a commercial epoxy flooring firm.

To Boundaries, fencing or Netting can be added

Netting is a great addition to any size court, but it's important that you make sure your netting is built to last. It is recommended to replace or install fencing for any court that is fenced. It will stop balls from flying off the court as well as squirrels getting into. Consider installing a chain-link fence