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What to Know About Child Custody Law if You Have a Criminal Record Wired Parish Legal Newsletter

Parents need to understand that a criminal conviction is not a reason to be not able to take full custody. If you want to alter the rules of your children's custody, you could use the fact that you have a criminal history. An attorney is crucial in aiding the court in understanding your circumstances and to grant you full custody. When is the ideal time to hire a child custody lawyer?

An attorney for child custody in your area is the best method for you to secure your rights as a parent child custody. Lawyers can be an excellent advisor to discuss your case with about all aspects of your situation. It is possible that you have concerns regarding charges of drug use and domestic violence. To be safe you must be aware of DUI legal requirements when charged with driving while impaired.

The most reputable child custody attorneys around will be able to assist you with all aspects of child custody. The lawyer, for instance, will be able to help you understand the potential consequences of a criminal record , and how it would affect your ability to have full custody of your children. The lawyer can also explain the situation in your case and the reasons the reason you ought to be granted legal custody. If you're facing a drug crime on your record A lawyer for drug cases can be able to provide insights into the case.

The role of a parent's Criminal History during a Trial or Mediation of Child Custody

When you are in the middle of the court trial or mediation in the case of custody of children, the court uses the presence of a criminal record as evidence against you. For the protection of children often, the judge will favor both parents share legal custody. But, it is possible to reduce the amount of time you spend with your children or even custody in the event of a criminal conviction.

For questions about your case or concerns, contact a family attorney to discuss what's going on and what you can do.