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How to Prepare Your Home for Old Age Biology of Aging

Handrails made of wood are a good choice along with any handrails that have rubber grips on them. 12. Add Ramps

If your loved one uses a wheelchair, it's best to include ramps on your house and ensure it's ADA friendly. This can make it easier for your loved ones getting to appointments and excursions. When there's emergencies, ramps allow ambulances and firefighters to reach you or your loved one. Be sure to install ramps for any part of your home with stairs. You should never install an inclined ramp. prefer an accessible ramp with the slightest slope to minimize the risk of further injuries.

13. Rugs that are safe

One of the most commonly used modifications you can make to your house to allow it to age gracefully is to either secure or to remove rugs completely. In order to prevent slippage and falls, rugs can be placed over non-slip rubber mats. However, it's not always enough to stop your beloved family member from walking over them. Carpets are best used in only rooms where your loved one won't visit, or completely remove them. If you'd like your house to have some sort of floor decor, consider the installation of a mosaic tile or pattern wood floor. They're beautiful and will increase the value for your home.

14. Install a Stairlift

If you've got several sets of stairs at home or your bedrooms and living areas are located on the second floor of your house, the chances that you or your loved ones will be required to utilize the stairs on a daily basis. For stairs that are easier to use and climb, install a stairlift. Stairlifts offer a fantastic solution for the loved ones of yours to get around if they've lost their ability to walk.

15. Modify Your Bathtub

There's been a discussion of adding handrails inside the bathtub in order to give some protection. Yet, it's essential to know how to prepare your home to be ready