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How to Save Money on your Family Medical Bills Family Budgeting

4. Purchase Medication in Bulk The issue with being unable to cover your medical expenses is that you need to take a look at all aspects of your health. It is possible to save money by purchasing medications at a large quantity. This can be helpful when you're taking prescriptions that you have to use regularly. Think about it if you're taking hormone therapy. You should not have to make a trip to the pharmacist every when your medicine is out. Instead, you should consider buying your medication in bulk. That way you'll receive a discount on your medication. This will not only mean you save traveling to the pharmacy less often , but you'll also save money in gasoline. 5. Request free medical samples It's commonplace that health centers have an established relationships with representatives of pharmaceutical companies. Reps are always looking for new locations or people who can market their drugs. Doctors should always keep a variety of samples in his or her possession. You can ask for specimens of the appropriate drug for you even if you do not have enough funds. If you decide to use this medication through another way and you are unable for a 2-month supply. 6. 6.Become a patient assistant If you're struggling and don't have the funds to come up with free money to pay medical bills this month or the next, you should consider applying in your medical office to their assistance for patients. One of the advantages of these programs is that they're often sponsored by the state. In most cases, the primary requirement for these programs is to demonstrate financial need. The only thing you must be able to do is prove that you've been struggling to pay your medical bills. It's not just about reducing the financial burden however, you will also gain access to the medicine you require. You also get access to medications you require.